League Hole In One Pot

League Hole in One Rules

HOLE IN ONE POT INCREASE FOR 2021: Since we haven’t had a hole-in-one for 2 years, we are going to do a $5.00 re-buy for all existing participants and $10 buy-in for new players (reference #4).

Eligibility of an ace to receive benefits from the hole-in-one pot

  1. Hole-in-one prize applies to league members and guests that have paid the $5 pot fund.
  2. The ace must occur during 9 hole league play only (extra holes do not count)
  3. The ace must be witnessed by at least 2 playing partners to be eligible for prize.
  4. If no hole-in-one occurs during the year, any allotted monies will be carried over to the following year’s hole-in-one prize pool. Any new member that wants to join next year will need to pay $10.
  5. If someone wins the pot, we will start a new fund.

Updated as of 5/28/2021

Current Hole in One Pot: $1,030.00
Participating Players: 82