Tournament Index FAQ


A Handicap Index will be calculated by averaging a players 8 best Score Differentials out of their most recent 20. The old formula of 10 out of best 20 x 96% is no longer valid.


A Course Handicap will represent the number of strokes a player recieves in relation to Par of the tees being played. The formula will include a Course Rating minus Par adjustment (No more Rule 3-5)

o OLD FORMULA: Course HCP = Index x Slope Rating / 113
o NEW FORMULA: Course HCP = Index x (Slope Rating / 113) + (Course Rating – Par)


Why Premier Golf Club doesn’t accept GHIN Indexes for our tournaments?

We use our own PGC Tournament Index because players’ scores in PGC Tournaments are knowingly verified by their competitors and the Handicap Committee. This eliminates any possible chance of “sandbagging” because we are only using tournament scores to calculate your index (not rounds outside of tournament play).

Will I still have a GHIN Handicap Index with my Premier Golf Club Membership?

Yes. You will still have your handicap index with GHIN and you will still be able to post scores to GHIN. However, your GHIN index will be separate from your PGC Tournament Index.

How can I check my PGC Tournament Index?



What is the difference between a PGC Tournament Index and USGA Index?

The PGC Tournament Index was created to use only “verifiable rounds” from tournament play. The formula to calculate a PGC Tournament Index is identical to a USGA Handicap Index.

Will my tournament rounds still be posted to GHIN?

No. You are responsible for posting your own PGC tournament rounds to the GHIN system.

How many rounds will it take for me to start my PGC Tournament Index

3 rounds.

Can I still play in a tournament if I don’t have a PGC Tournament Index?

Yes. We will accept a verifiable USGA Index if a player does not have the minimum PGC Tournament rounds recorded (3). However, your handicap index will be adjusted by taking 80% of your index until you fulfill your 3 round requirement to create a PGC tournament index.

How is the PGC Tournament Index calculated?

The PGC Tournament Index is calculated by the following chart:

Use this table to determine how many rounds are used in the PGC Tournament Index calculation.
3 – 5 rounds, your best round is used as the differential.
6 – 8 rounds, best 2 rounds.
9 – 11 rounds, best 3 rounds.
12 – 13 rounds, best 4 rounds.
14 – 15 rounds, best 5 rounds.
16 – 18 rounds, best 6 rounds.
19 rounds, best 7 rounds.
20 rounds in the last year, use the best 8 rounds.

If I have an existing USGA Handicap Index from a different provider (GHIN®, EZlinks, Golfnet, etc.), can I use these scores to create a PGC Tournament Index?

No. Only PGC Tournament scores will be used to create a PGC Tournament Index. If you play in our tournament with an existing GHIN index (but no previous PGC tournament rounds), your handicap index will be subject to an adjustment of up to 80% until you fulfill your 3 round requirement to create a PGC tournament index.

How can I view other tournament players indexes?

Easy. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit and login using your “email” (you used to register) and “lastname”
  2. Under the “player dashboard”, under “quick links”, click on “Your Leagues”
  3. Click “menu” link and click “Group Info”


When and how often does my PGC Tournament Index revise?

Every Monday after a tournament is played.

For further questions, please contact the Tournament Director.