About Stymie Clothing Company

Stymie Clothing Company

One evening in late January 2018, the idea to launch a clothing brand dedicated to golfers (both avid and casual) and the lifestyle surrounding it, was born.
Why? Out of necessity.
I realized that I didn’t have any casual golf themed shirts that I could wear around the house, grocery store, to the restaurant, etc. that would identify me as a golfer off the course (other than a hat or golf polo). I looked online, and all I saw were very expensive golf shirts ranging from $35-$45 and the cheaper ones had corny designs like “I’d Tap That” or “I Like Putts and I Cannot Lie” and was only 100% cotton.
Since my wife bought all of my t-shirts, I asked her “what do you look for when buying a shirt?” She said, “1) the quality of the shirt, 2) the price and 3) the design.
That’s when the idea for Stymie Clothing Company was born.
However, even though I had an immediate audience through my member golf club to sell shirts & hats to, I didn’t want to create a company that was strictly golf themed apparel. I wanted to develop a brand that could be used for everyday wear – from lounging around the house, to the gym, to even a casual night out on the town. The golf theme would still be a main part of the collection, but the Stymie brand is what would bring everyone together – from men, women, boys and girls.
It’s time to get STYMIED! Please feel free to visit us at www.stymieclothing.com or contact us anytime with questions, feedback or ideas.